Life Highlights

(April 15, 2016) my dear friends Britt and Hayley Hennings got married. It was the best wedding I’ve ever been to – full of pure joy and unmitigated love. i doubt another wedding will compare to this one. it was at the Ashley Inn in Lancaster, Kentucky and I got to drive parts of the beautiful state I don’t normally see.

(April 24-25, 2017) Monday and Tuesday night, my indoor soccer team won their games. on Tuesday, we went to Denny’s after to eat (at 10:30pm, mind you) and I had us do something that my friend Hayley introduced me to: you go around the table and everyone says something they like about each person. So, we started with one person and everyone went around and said what they like about them – INCLUDING THEM. Then we moved on to the next person and the next person and it took us TWO HOURS to say everything we liked about each other. a few of them were relative strangers, but they found things.

(April 25, 2017) Tuesday morning – went to Target with Anujin to pick up La La Land. Bought two copies (should have been $20 each) and a copy of the soundtrack ($10) and the grand total was somehow like $31. Still not sure how this worked. Went to see Allison Antram at work and gave her one of the copies and she was happy, and gave me a nitro cold brew.

(April 27, 2017) Thursday night, i went to training for Amachi – an organization that pairs up kids whose families are affected by incarceration – and they told me they’ve found my kid. they say he’s a sweetheart named Don, and i can’t wait to take him to the coffee shop to meet our Don, an 81-year-old sweetheart who has adopted all of the staff as his “grand-brats.” We call him gramps. can’t wait for them to meet, and can’t wait to have so much fun with this kid.

(April 28, 2017) Friday afternoon i went hiking with a couple of friends and we didn’t even talk too much but that’s so okay because we were SPENT after a good six hours of hiking and then pizza-eating and singing along to great songs in the car on the way home. I got the best night of sleep I had all week.