Hi, I’m Jeff.
I’m slowly learning that I’m not the biggest part in my own story – that is, my story is intertwined with the lives of 7 billion others whose lives are intertwined with all of human history which is ultimately a story about God.

I’m a twenty-something college graduate. I serve coffee at a quaint, busy-as-heck coffee house called A Cup of Common Wealth in Lexington, KY. A few times a month, I like to steal away to the Starbucks on the other side of town and write. I like to write about God, about people, about myself (I guess you could say my blogging style is introspective,) sometimes politics, work, relationships, etc.

My mission for this blog is to be as honest as humanly possible. I am an honest person, but I wasn’t born that way – I became that way after years of dodging truth and telling half-truths and finally, I’ve concluded that it’s wasteful and inefficient to not tell the truth. So, don’t be shocked when I bare all of my mistakes in front of you. I want you to feel like it’s okay to confess yours, too – whether that’s to me or your own friends.

To contact me, email jeffpolingblog@gmail.com.

Instagram: Jeffpolingjr

Twitter: @realjeffpoling


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