January has come and gone, and this is the only entry i’m getting in this month.

worries me, but only a little.

i haven’t written very much over the last couple of months, and the worry in that for me is that i’m just being a busybody, that i’m just running from one thing to the next and not spending any time doing any good thinking. i haven’t sat at a coffee shop in a while. haven’t hashed out any good thoughts.

i don’t like the whole busybody thing…i’ve been giving a lot of thought to how darn quickly time can fill up, and how easy it is to fill it with…nothing at all. it’s not even like the summer when i was at least watching a lot of movies, reading a lot of books, and hanging out with a lot of people.

but i’m rooting for it to just be seasonal. this month has been vacation and retreat and small groups, and the last few months have been holidays and all kinds of crazy.

i recently quit one of my jobs, so i’m down to being a two-job man (perhaps i’ll write about this more in an entry soon?) and i’m hoping to see that bring about some ease and free up some time. hallelujah.

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