well – i actually have quite a bit to say here soon. some of it i’ll express now, some of it i’ll have to wait on.


the last eight weeks have been among the craziest i’ve experienced in my entire life, and the last 36-48 hours among the craziest hours thereof. on Sunday i worked my final shift at A Cup of Common Wealth, where i worked for three and a half years. i was flooded with love and support immediately after the shift, we had a big party and i saw a ton of people i know and love. i got home and was overwhelmed and exhausted – but more exhausted because i napped instead of processing everything. then i woke up, went to bible study, had to cut that short because i had a commitment to watch a hockey game with a friend, and promptly went to bed.


today, i woke up knowing that this is Haiti Prep Day. we get on a plane tomorrow morning at 7:15 and fly down to spend about a week in Quaniminthe, helping school administrators with a big ole graduation ceremony at the weekend, and with everything they need leading up to it. i’m excited for Haiti for a multitude of reasons, not least of which is the eminent possibility of going back time and time again (Southland Christian Church, where i attend, makes a number of trips every year.) it’s been a real experience – the first time i ever had to do fundraising and i learned a lot about how God shows up in a number of ways to pay for what He orders. people who aren’t Christians have contributed to the effort. one person even said it sounded like i was going on vacation. nevertheless, God pays the bills.


so, one of the skills i’ve been hoping to learn – to juggle a number of things/problems/tasks/responsibilities at once – is slowly starting to sink in, and i’ve got a list of other things i hope to learn and improve upon when i get home, in a period of transition and change. it’s a good season. it’s a good season.


it’s a good season.

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