well, a little determination seems to be paying off.

i guess my life’s pretty fortunate, so maybe it’s easier for me than some others, but still, i can’t help but think that a little bit of what i’ve reaped is from what i’ve sown.

it came to my attention a few months ago that if you start intentionally inclining your mind towards good things, then good things will be more easily recalled. If you look for highlights, you will find highlights.

with the inspiration of a dear friend (who makes a weekly post on Fridays about celebration) i decided to take a chance every Tuesday – i was going to ask people to share good news about their life. this could be old news or new news – something they’re glad for that’s happened a while ago (or that exists in general) or for something that’s new and exciting.

part of the thinking in this is to give people an avenue to share, but also to give me (and others) a chance to rejoice with people who are rejoicing.


i think it’s helping.


i think it’s helping me think of “little things” as big highlights – i’m happier as a consequence. i don’t feel the necessity to have something big and monumental happen  when i’m happy about the fact that i had a good conversation with a friend on tuesday night and got to watch jeopardy! on wednesday.


i like the things people share, and i notice they’re usually one of a few things: spending time with people they love, reaching a goal, making a yummy meal, doing something they enjoy. i get a lot more of those “little” things than i do of those “big” things, and i love it.

it helps me in weeks like this one, when i’m getting 3 to 3.5 hours of sleep a night, feeling tired and a little disconnected from God, to find the small things that have happened that make me realize it’s not been a bad week, it’s not even been an “ehh” week – it’s been a good week.

a preview of this week’s highlights:

Monday and Tuesday night, my indoor soccer team won their games. on Tuesday, we went to Denny’s after to eat (at 10:30pm, mind you) and I had us do something that my friend Hayley introduced me to: you go around the table and everyone says something they like about each person. So, we started with one person and everyone went around and said what they like about them – INCLUDING THEM. Then we moved on to the next person and the next person and it took us TWO HOURS to say everything we liked about each other. a few of them were relative strangers, but they found things.

Thursday night, i went to training for Amachi – an organization that pairs up kids whose families are affected by incarceration – and they told me they’ve found my kid. they say he’s a sweetheart named Don, and i can’t wait to take him to the coffee shop to meet our Don, an 81-year-old sweetheart who has adopted all of the staff as his “grand-brats.” We call him gramps. can’t wait for them to meet, and can’t wait to have so much fun with this kid.

Friday afternoon i went hiking with a couple of friends and we didn’t even talk too much but that’s so okay because we were SPENT after a good six hours of hiking and then pizza-eating and singing along to great songs in the car on the way home. I got the best night of sleep I had all week.


it’s easier now – easier to see the good. easier to be thankful. easier to rejoice and easier to rejoice with others.


try it. remember the small things. take notes. write it in your journal or document it on your social media. joy is a habit.

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