i had weird dreams last night.


i could tell that i had: just finished True Detective season 1; recently seen and read The Road; and seen an advertisement for an interactive Walking Dead game. in my dream, i remember running several miles to look for an empty house. i found the house and crawled into the garden that sat in a slope alongside it. i had a pair of binoculars and looked down the hill from the house (it overlooked a little valley) and saw that someone down there was bringing out a sniper rifle and had me in his sights. i decided that instead of running inside, i’d run straight towards him – a full-on rush. next thing i knew i was back inside the house. i went over to the front door and saw it standing ajar. right after that, i woke up.


last night i was debating on whether or not i was going to read my bible before bed. i usually try to do it in the morning (when i’m faithful about doing it, which i’m not always) but this time i was entertaining doing it at night. i think i like bible reading at night because i’m a lot more coherent, i usually can think more analytically about it and draw more out of it. i’m able to process.

so i talked myself into it, but i had a really important realization (again.)

there’s a truth i’ve heard for years, and i always forget, and it always rings true when i learn it again.

“what goes in is what goes out.”

in other words, what you consume is what you exude.

and i realize this applies to your thoughts, too. you really have to protect them. if you entertain nasty thoughts, nasty actions will follow. if you banish nasty thoughts (and by nasty thoughts, i mean gossip, vitriol, anxiety, fear, etc) then your actions won’t align with them. think well, act well, live well.

i think that’s one of the benefits of reading the bible. the bible tells us about God, and as we read about God, we realize that He’s just good. we realize He creates – beautiful things, magnificent things, amazing things. sunrises. flowers. majestic animals. humans. we realizes He’s loyal and loving – in the early books of the Bible we realize His faithfulness to His people, His tendency to act on their behalf, to keep His promises, and to redeem them from the times they fall from grace. we realize who God is in the Bible – and it’s all goodness.

and when we meditate on His goodness – His love, faithfulness, graciousness, kindness, patience, creativity, justice, etc – it grows those things in us. it turns our minds towards good things – and that’s a good thing.


so – protect your thoughts. think on good things in the morning and at night.

whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable – if it is excellent or praiseworthy – think on these things.

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