this Saturday morning was brought to you by a “friendship session” (for lack of a better term) with my dearest friend, biggest encourager, and muse Sean – she worked on a gift for a friend, I read a book, we talked about dreams (like the sleeping kind,) she convinced me that I should be listening to more John Mayer, on and on and on – it was one of those times when, in the best possible way, you get a sense of what you should be doing. It’s an encouraging, a calling up, a lift in every imaginable way. It’s life-giving.

This time was simultaneously the inspiration for but also the confirmation of an idea I’ve been pondering for a while – taking time to celebrate more things.

This idea has been on my mind for a while: the things you consume, the things you ponder, the things you stew upon and you give your mental faculties to are the things you will end up regurgitating. When you spend your time worrying, fearing, stressing, lamenting, etc – you will just end up doing those things more. Our thoughts translate into our actions and mentalities. So I started an exercise with my co-workers and some of our customers at work – we play a “game” called, “Tell Me Something Good.” The rules are simple: One, the answer can’t be “I’m getting coffee,” because that’s too simple and routine of an answer. Two, you have to tell me something good. The goal is that you’re telling me something good in the positive – something like, “I’m reading a great book,” or “I saw a great show last night,” or, “I had a really good conversation with a friend,” or, “my house is clean!” If it has to be in the negative – make sure it has nothing to do with people. Something like paying off debt, purging some of your stuff, getting rid of something that held you down or held you back  – that’s good stuff, too.

The point of the game is that it’s difficult to do – at least at first. We’ve become so accustomed to talking about the things that are tougher – financial struggle, interpersonal struggles,  a tough job, a tough political climate, etc – that it’s easier and more default for us to think about those things, and that’s fair enough because that’s normal, but this is one case in which I don’t think normal is good enough. I think normal is moldable. I think we can make a new normal.

So, after thinking on it and being given a big boost by a great friend (thank you, Sean) there will be a little bit of a rebrand of this blog – a rebrand by addition. I don’t necessarily want to get too bogged down in cliche blog features, but I’m going to start doing a weekly piece of recommendation. These will be recommendations of a great meal, a great book, a great film, an activity, a topic of discussion, an event, etc – along with perhaps some details of who’d like it the most, why I liked it, what’s good about it, and some other stuff that I’ll figure out as I go along.

Then, I’ll hope to hear from you. There’s actually an email address for correspondence with this blog and I’ll include that in the weekly post. Hope you enjoy.

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