[what’s it like?]

I wonder, what must it be like for a thousand years to be like a second, and for a second to be like a thousand years? What must it be like to see the hearts and intentions of every man who ever lived? What must it be like to hear prayers from people, and how do You judge when it’s time to say “yes”? (Because I’ve prayed the same thing 100 times, and seen it come to pass finally on the 101st.)


What must it be like to never be wrong? What must it be like to not feel the humiliation of making a mistake? (this is a theological question I’ve struggled with before about the life of Jesus – of all the things He experienced, He was never wrong. Does that make the shame He experienced infinitely worse, or what if there is one aspect of being human that He didn’t experience?0


What must it be like to know exactly what the world needs – in fact, You are what the world needs – and withhold that because of the fact that we are free to choose? What’s it like to have some who are perfectly satisfied with a line of thinking that says that evil exists because of free will and others believe You are either cruel or indeed not omnipotent because of the fact that You don’t infringe upon our free will?


What’s it like to have created the masterpiece of art we call the Earth and have people who refuse (or are simply unable) to see its intricate design?


What’s it like to see people who claim Your name do harm to the world; and to see people who deny Your name do the very good that those who do claim You should be doing? Does it hurt? Are You saddened? Surely You’re not surprised…are You disappointed? Can You be disappointed?


What’s it like to see people who’ve known You for years act like they don’t know You at all, and make mistakes that hurt them? What’s it like to watch them suffer and undergo the slow, slow process of healing? What’s it like to hear their prayers for normalcy and restoration, when You know that sometimes it feels like their prayers hit the ceiling? How many times have You been right beside the brokenhearted and they are entirely unaware?


What’s it like to have an idea of how the world (that You created) works and to have people say, “I don’t really believe that’s the best way, I’m going to try it this way.” What’s it like to watch us do things You know will cause us pain?


What’s it like to watch us get it right?


What’s it like for You when You see a wedding? Does it even mean anything to You, or are you rejoicing along side the saints for the union of two people who set out to discover life with You together?


What’s it like when You see the birth of a child? Surely You feel a joy even deeper than the parents – whose experience is limited by the capacity of their brains to process joy – when You see another piece of Your handiwork come into the world.


(Oh, that reminds me – what’s it like to not know fear? What’s it mean to not worry that things will fail, to know that You’ll get Your way at the end, no matter who all comes with You? That sounds great.)


What’s it like when You see two people who held a grudge reconcile? What’s it like when You see the hungry fed? Are You merely satisfied (as no one should go hungry) or do You feel the relief and joy of those who’ve been fed infinitely more? How do You look upon a successful surgery and see creation restored?


Overall, how do You view the work of restoration? Is it a sigh of relief, as if to say, “finally.” or is it a process of joy?


What are our lives, God? How do You see them?

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