this is not a task for the faint of heart

this is not your gift if you’re willing to quit

this is not your war if you’re not willing to die

this is not your right if you’re willing to run.


you crawled in a bed acting like it’s a favor

but it’s never that simple, it’s never so easy 

you can’t use your body to pay your hearts debts

you can’t just pretend they’re not one in the same


there’s nothing wrong with being confident

but i’ve got some problems not telling the truth

i’ve got a problem pretending

that there’s not a lot at stake


if you just can’t take it when she’s feeling mad

if you run away whenever he’s sad

if you’ve got your eyes on anyone else

if you’re holding back cause you’re scared of your secrets 


this ain’t a job for a girl in a bar

you can’t mingle souls if you don’t know their scars

it’s not a reward for a man with good words

i don’t like your plan if you aren’t assured

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