lenten prayer.

Glorious, gracious and good God,

You have caused the sun to rise today; You have caused breath to enter and exit my lungs; you have caused the earth to turn once more and given grace and mercy with the dawn of this new day.

Let me (us) not forget that it is by You I exist, through You I exist, for You I exist, and in You I exist. It is in You that I, along with all of the world, live, move, and have my being.

For this reason, bring my spirit down to size. Give me grace to live for a greater cause than simply myself – give me compassion for my neighbors, and humility to not live in excess. Give me courage to speak the truth, and give me security to love unconditionally and indiscriminately.

When I pray, give me awareness of how great You are, and how small I am. From ashes I came, to ashes I will return.

When I fast, give me awareness of the hunger of my neighbors.

When I rejoice and feast, give me a glimpse of the heavenly meal that all of the saints will one day share.


Gracious God, You hold me in the palm of Your hand, I am nothing without You. Let my work, relationships, interests, conversations, and engagements exist with that truth at the forefront.

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