[the lamp-post.]

It’s almost as though
our two worlds are separate
the symmetry strong
but ultimately failing

there’s the world that you know
in your head & experience
the one you grew up in
where everything’s safe
you roam & you wander
with no consequences
with love & protection
you blossom & grow

but we quickly grow bored
with a world so familiar
we crave an adventure
a way of escape
so we chase an external
world to our own
something quite different
to all that we’ve known

this new world is magic
its mystery pulls
strange creatures and people
set up a new norm
it’s dangerous, frightening
it’s vast & unknown
full of trails unexplored
and wonders anew

so we need a new reference
a place to come back
a point in between
to remember what’s real
the world is not simply
one thing or another
our choice is not only
to be safe or to be wild
our lives become both
as we grow and we choose
there’s danger & beauty
there’s risk & reward
the lamp-post shines brightly
in the thick, snowy wood
a way to remind us
that the world’s truly good.

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