dream big, walk small. but walk.

ready for a big revelation?

you can dream all you want – you can come up with as many good ideas as you want…but at some point, the rubber has to meet the road and you have to work to start materializing your dreams, even if it’s a little work at a time.

If you have a gargantuan goal, a baby step is better than none.

Here’s what I’m working on right now:


I want a house.

I want to have my own place to live – as in a place I own and that is in my name. I don’t want to become a perpetual renter who spends as much in ten years as it would cost to buy a house.

So, I’m going to start saving for a house.

It won’t be much, because I don’t earn a whole lot, and I don’t earn much quickly.

But I’m also well aware that a dollar a week is significantly more than I currently save towards it.

How many times – and for how many things! – do we disqualify ourselves on the grounds that it would take too long to accomplish the things we want to accomplish?

And how often do we want something that we’re unwilling to position ourselves for? You may want a relationship, but are infinitely selfish, and that is a detractor of a relationship. To be in a relationship, you must practice selflessness before you’re in one so that it’s a habit once you’re in one.
You may want to travel, but you have to save money, and go get a passport.

You may want a new job, but you have to apply, assert yourself, fail a few interviews, and keep at it.

Want something? Go get it.

Dream big. Walk small – or big if you can…but walk.

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