God is good – all of the time.

What’s the best movie you’ve ever seen?

If I were God (and praise Him I’m not!) I would get so frustrated by humanity’s double standard – if bad things happen, it’s because God isn’t good. If good things happen, it’s because we deserved it and we made it happen. God can’t win for losing. We tend to think that bad is God’s fault and good has nothing to do with God.

What’s the best movie you’ve ever seen?

What’s the movie that tugged at your heartstrings and caused a response in you; that made you stop, sigh, catch your breath, shed a tear, etc. and at the end say, “that was good.“?

Take any really good movie, even one with a happy ending, and you’ll find that there was tragedy in it at some point to some degree.

Here are some of my favorite movies:

Saving Private Ryan – Private Ryan lost his brothers. Wade dies in battle. The company give their lives to rescue Private Ryan. The movie begins and ends at a memorial. Tragedy is weaved throughout and yet we say, “that’s a good movie.”

Good Will Hunting – Will barely had a father. Sean lost his wife. Will and Skyler break up. Tempers between Gerry and Sean flare. Yet at the end, it’s a beautiful story of redemption and we say, “that was a good movie.”

My Left Foot – Chrissy is born with use of only one limb. Things happen with his family. It takes his dad forever to be proud of him. Chrissy’s mom gets sick. And yet at the end of the movie, you’re left applauding because of how it tugs at him – how Chrissy has the strength to make something of his life, to express his life through art and through writing. It’s a beautiful story, and we say, “that was a good movie.”

Gladiator – Maximus loses his wife and his son. He’s betrayed by Commodus, his brother. He’s sold into slavery. He fights. He’s put up against the ropes. Maximus even dies at the end, and yet it’s one of the greatest films of our time, and we say “what a good movie.”

I’m convinced that tragedy doesn’t shake (even in the slightest) God’s goodness, and the goodness of the story that He is penning for humanity.

And the things that aren’t “tragic” as it were – people making choices that hurt you or inconvenience you, things that are part of living in a fallen world such as debt and other financial struggle (insert other minor inconveniences here) – they can’t possibly affect God’s ultimate goodness.

God is an Author. He’s penned (and He’s penning) humanity’s story from day one. And the choices that people make, the things that happen to us in a fallen world – they don’t take the pen out of God’s hand. No, God is a master story teller and He has a way of taking all of the plot points that don’t fit into a “good” (and usually by ‘good’ we only mean ‘happy’) story and He weaves them together to fit His story. His story doesn’t fit into ours, we fit into His.

God is good, all of the time.

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