though eve & adam ate a fruit
and welcomed death inside
though we reject You thoroughly
as Lord as well as guide
though sin infected everything
and has made us all to fall
though a veil was then created
that silenced every call
though now my body suffers
and tires every day
though endlessly i toil
and slowly i decay
though enemy & friend alike
will leave me yet in want
though rich just brush the poor aside –
they acquire, store and flaunt
though monetary earnings wax and wane
and needs may not be met
the Lord still tells the sun to rise
and i will praise Him yet.
though He who spins the earth about
still works in ways unknown
yet still He plans my every step
in pleasure and in groans
though both my will and intellect
will give me reason to cease
though storms of life keep raging
and deafen me from peace
though men opine and reason
and say, ‘there is no God,’
though doubts arise within myself
and i speculate, “He’s a fraud”
though prayers seem vain and fruitless
as if His ears were closed
though i perceive i’m suffering
and on every side opposed
though the road is narrow
and persecution guaranteed
though i’m bound to stagger
on the road that He’s decreed
and though my own shortcomings
frustrate my best attempts
still the very God i fail
is who bought me recompense

though everything i’ve said before
may justify a cause:
to give up on the God i mention
yet one thing gives me pause –

when Christ was in the garden
He had a choice to make
He could have turned aside
and not suffered for my sake
but had He done, i would be doomed
death would remain my fate
there would be no intercessor
the wrath of God to sate

yet Christ in all His mercy
examined the path ahead
He knew that He’d be beaten
scorned, and left for dead

He saw my every failure
He saw my fickle self
He knew that i’d lack faithfulness
in sickness or in health
He saw the times i’d doubt Him
and the times that i’d deny
He saw the crown, the cross, the nails
and He saw the darkened sky
He knew there’d be no other way
to rescue me from hell
He knew there was a price to pay
for how far we all had fell

so Christ, in that one moment
as God as well as man
chose to do the Father’s will
and carry out the plan
instead of leaving us alone
to suffer and to die
He chose to bear our sin & shame
this was His reply:

nevertheless! Your will be done”
His fate was surely sealed
He chose the route of senseless love –
the Father’s heart revealed
now for His great mercy
and all His endless grace,
nevertheless, i’ll follow Him
’til i see Him face to face

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