World Cup Predictions

I normally don’t use this blog for such…trivial matters, but I’m pretty caught up in the best thing to happen every four years: the World Cup. So I’m making my predictions for the group stage, knockout stage, quarterfinals, semifinals, final, Golden Boot, and Golden Glove.

Group Stage: (winner in bold, second place underlined)

Group A: Brazil, Cameroon, Croatia, Mexico

Group B: Australia, Chile, Netherlands/Holland, Spain

Group C: Colombia, Cote d’Ivore, Greece, Japan

Group D: Costa Rica, England, Italy, Uruguay

Group E: Ecuador, France, Honduras, Switzerland

Group F: Argentina, Bosnia-Herzgovina, Iran, Nigeria

Group G: Germany, Ghana, Portugal, United States

Group H: Algeria, Belgium, Russia, South Korea


Knockout Stage:

Brazil v Spain: Brazil

Cote d’Ivore v Uruguay: Cote d’Ivore

Chile v Croatia: Croatia

England v Colombia: England

Switzerland v Argentina: Switzerland

Germany v South Korea: Germany

Bosnia-Herzgovina v Ecuador: Bosnia-Herzgovina

Belgium v Portugal: Portugal



Brazil v Cote D’Ivore: Brazil

Croatia v England: Croatia

Switzerland v Germany: Germany

Boznia-Herzgovina v Portugal: Portugal



Brazil v Germany: Brazil

Croatia v Portugal: Portugal


World Cup Final

Brazil v Portugal: Brazil


Golden Boot: Mario Mandzukic (Croatia)

Golden Glove: Manuel Neuer (Germany)


I’m going the dark-horse (ish) route with these picks. I think Germany will keep a few clean sheets thanks to Neuer (the defense isn’t fantastic) and I’m expecting Mandzukic to inspire Croatia to a semi-final run with something like 10 goals, leading the pack.

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