My dream job.

This season of life is, in some respects, my least favorite. As a recent (a year counts as recent, right?) college graduate, the questions have been about my future, and more specifically, my career. When I talk about college with people, they ask what I majored in. When they hear what I majored in, they ask me what I want to do with that.

It’s time for me to make a confession: I don’t know.

I have quite literally never had a career aspiration. When I started school, it wasn’t because I thought, “I want to be a psychologist.” I didn’t know. I still don’t necessarily know. I guess what bugs me the most about all of this is this question that burns in my mind: do we have to know?

 The more I think about college, the more it frustrates me.

Don’t get me wrong: I’m glad I went to school. I wouldn’t change it. I made a lot of good friends, had a really good time, and learned a thing or two about myself in the process.

But what I hate (possibly only because it affects me) is this mindset that people go into college (and come out of it) knowing exactly what they want to do, and are chasing that the whole way.

Maybe I’m just not driven. Maybe I’m just clueless. But I like to think I’m not really alone in this – I like to think that maybe somewhere, someone is as “lost” as I am. Maybe there’s someone in the world who is just as unconvinced of a career path as I am.

But I don’t write this to lament where I am right now. In fact, I’m writing to celebrate where I am.

I’m at my dream job right now.

I’m at my dream job because I’m 23, I’m fresh out of school, I have all kinds of energy to burn, I live in a new city, and this is the perfect job for all of that right now. My job affords me time to relax at my house, time to hang out with my friends, play music, chase my hobby of sportswriting, and it pays the bills. I don’t wear a suit and tie to work. I rarely even wear jeans, unless it’s cold outside.

But at my job I get to see somewhere between 50-100 people every day (at least) that aren’t just customers, but friends. Last night at work I saw a friend I haven’t seen since November, and I got to freak out just a little bit and give her a hug because I was so excited. Every day at work I get a multitude of high-fives. Every day at work I get to have conversations about baseball, soccer, and other things I’m interested in. When I get off work, I get to call these same people I see at work and hang out, enjoy a beer, go see a movie, toss a Frisbee in the park, or grab a bite to eat.

I’m in the people business. Far more important than the coffee I serve are the people I serve the coffee to. And I’m so happy because, while it may not be a “real job,” or it may not be a step in the direction of a “career,” I get to do things I love every single day when I go to work.

I’ve never had a dream job, but somehow I landed a job that’s become a dream.

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