There’s a phrase I hear from time to time that is simultaneously my favorite and least favorite phrase.
“You don’t even know the impact you have on people around you.”

Sometimes I love hearing that, because it encourages me that without even making much of a conscious effort, I’m positively affecting people around me.
But other times I hate it, because as a friend and I were lamenting, it’d be nice to know just exactly how you’re positively affecting someone. Sometimes what I do doesn’t feel like it’s “enough.”

But the Holy Spirit reminded me that maybe, just maybe, it’s better I don’t know. Because for me, it could easily become a source of pride and complacency, that I would be able to put a finger on the good things I do for others. Maybe it’s better to have no idea so that I keep doing the very things that are good for others, even though I don’t know what it is.

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