Just maybe…

I got the privilege I spending almost all of Super Bowl Sunday with Erica. I picked her up at 9, we went to church together, had lunch together, watched a movie together, and watched the Super Bowl together.
David Beckham’s underwear commercial came on [i’m not terribly ashamed to admit I have a major man crush] and I just said, “he’s so handsome.” She said, “not as handsome as you!” I laughed. But that wasn’t the first time she’s said something like that.
Attraction in a relationship is a really funny thing. When I was single, I had so many celebrity crushes. So many girls that I thought, “if I knew her, I’d ask her out.” But then I met Erica, and found in her my best friend, the person I most enjoy holding hands with, hugging, kissing, rubbing her feet, etc.
I’m convinced attraction is a function of looks AND personality. A girl can be aesthetically pleasing but have an ugly personality, and as shallow as it may sound, the opposite can be true [i speak subjectively, I don’t think it can be argued objectively as I think we are convinced our girlfriend/fiancée/spouse is the best looking of the crop when surely others disagree.]
So as much as I laughed – because I don’t have the abs, cut, or defined jaw or a Cristiano Ronaldo or the slicked back hair and charming smile of David Beckham, I have the personality that Erica likes. And Erica knows me, and I know Erica. I’ve looked into her eyes. I’ve held her hand. I’ve heard her struggles and the things she’s ashamed of. I’ve seen her stressed and I’ve seen her happy. I’ve seen her agree with me and I’ve seen her disagree with me. And when that happens, her beauty transcended that of any pop star, any actress, any girl on a magazine. She’s the most beautiful girl on the planet because I know her.
If I’m convinced of that in my own mind, why is it sometimes difficult to believe that the inverse is true – that she really thinks I’m handsome and doesn’t have a second thought about saying I’m more of a stud in her eyes than David Beckham?

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