NaBloPoMo Day 1: challenges.

Is that what it’s called? I’m on my mobile and I can’t look up to see if thats right. Anyway, rumor has it that it’s National Blog Posting Month, which I’m cool with. I’ll try to post something daily, be it a personal rant/vent; a praise; a thought; a charge, etc.

So I guess I’ll start with why I wanted to take this challenge on: I don’t challenge myself enough.

I’ve found that I don’t set as many goals or try as many hard things as i’d like to. All of my intentional learning ended in May when I walked across the stage and got my degree. I don’t seem to make it a point to stretch my intellect, to practice anything and improve at it, to deliberately get to know people and their stories, etc. I’ve considered taking music lessons, like guitar or piano; setting goals and deadlines on reading informative books, including follow ups like answering reflection questions or summarizing at the end of every chapter; learning a certain number of names of people at work every week, etc.

So taking on this blogging challenge is a microcosm of what I’m aiming to do: challenge myself and be accountable for it.

That’s where I need your help, reader and friend – I need to be held accountable. I will have thirty posts by the end of November, whether that means one a day or three on one day to make up for lost time.
However, lost time shouldn’t be an issue, as – like I said – I have a blogging app on my mobile.

So keep me accountable.
I will write faithfully and regularly, and I hope you will read.


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