So, life can be inconvenient. I’ve had this notion for several weeks not to question, but to reaffirm everything I believe. today I just started writing questions I’ve been asking and tossing around in my mind, such as:

-where do we get this idea of the “sinner’s prayer” and “asking Jesus into (y)our heart?”

-at what point does Jesus inhabit believers?

-What does the Bible really say about grace? what is it? what’s its function?

-How do we reach certain conclusions? Such as, “it’s by the grace of God that I can deal with co-workers/customers/boss/kids/people/situations etc?”


and of course I start getting these ideas at the beginning of a semester of school. so most of my study time is spent in a textbook, and less so the Bible, to be frank. But I really want to examine these questions. and they’re gonna eat at me for a while.

I guess to articulate it, I need to learn to balance and weigh not only school and personal Bible study, but also the words of the Bible and the sometimes “extrabiblical” commentary we put on it (not that the Bible doesn’t support our ideas, just that we sometimes say things that aren’t articulated word-for-word in the Bible. One of my favorite examples of this is a lyric by my favorite band “Wolves at the Gate” that makes a statement: ‘how much grace You’ve afforded to me!’ Any Christian would agree that that’s true, but WHERE do we get that idea?) I just want to be able to Biblically support and provide premise for the things I love saying about grace.

One thought on “weighing..

  1. These are questions that I still wrestle with (especially the sinner’s prayer and asking Jesus into our hearts). Jesus always said “Come and follow Me.” Jesus Himself acknowledged the mystery of the new birth in John 3. I have been chewing on the fact that Jesus called Peter to follow Him on 2 (and I think it is three) different occasions to follow HIm. Once at the beginning of their relationship and again when Jesus is restoring Him. We have watered down the Gospel thinking that asking for forgiveness is all there is to being a Christian when everything I read in the Gospels is a total, all out abandon in following Jesus…and somewhere, somehow Christ comes and lives in (which the Bible says is “Christ in You, the hope of glory”) Good questions, Jeff! Keep seeking and asking!!!

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