What a wife really is.

Allow me for a moment to express one of my biggest pet peeves.
I hate the negative light shed on marriage.
I hate expressions like “the ol’ ball and chain” or when marriage/relationships are referred to as “the beginning of the end.”
It’s hard for me to NOT think about marriage with all of the married people I know, even as a kind-of-still-single man.
There’s a glaringly obvious truth about marriage that strikes me the more I ponder the dynamics of marriage, and that is this:

A wife is not someone meant to hold her husband back. Nor is a husband someone meant to hold his wife back. (but as a man, I’ll stick with what a wife is.)

A wife is someone who loves her husband unconditionally and should safely be able to expect love in return. A wife is someone who inspires her husband to do great things and be someone great. A wife is someone who strengthens her husband by her love. A wife is someone who provides a man an opportunity to be strong by receiving his love.

Men, don’t be afraid to love. Women, don’t be afraid to be loved.

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