trusting when the heat is on…

Well, it hasn’t taken long for me to get stressed this semester. On only the 4th day I’ve found my mind going a hundred directions. Just a list of things I’ve been thinking today:

-I need to get my car looked at

-I need to stay caught up on homework

-I need to read for the seminar in September

-I need to mow

-I need to eat lunch

-I need to go to wal-mart

-I need to make sure I’m ready to lead worship on Sunday

-Do I need to consider taking a break from leading worship on Sunday?

-I’ve got to make sure I get plenty of sleep these next couple of days

-Do I have homework due tomorrow? What can I do to work ahead for tomorrow?

-What can I do to work ahead for September?

-Oh yeah, I’m house-sitting the first week of September.

-life group kick off is this weekend.

-I’ll be leading a life group this fall. How will I have time for that?!?!?

My thoughts have been a hundred different places today, and one thought keeps trying to surface in the middle of all of the others:

-just keep trusting. keep trusting that God is enough. keep trusting that He’ll make you strong. keep trusting that you’ll be okay. keep trusting that what you need to do, He’ll tell you. keep trusting that He’ll help you take one thing at a time!

Until recently, I would completely lose it every time stuff like this came up. None of it is bad or stressful in and of itself, but when it starts to pile up, it can drive me nuts. But this summer I began to learn that it’s possible to take one thing at a time. Be present. Be here. Don’t be thinking about what’s coming up. Be mindful of it, but not obsessed with it.

I think that a key to learning that lesson has been this: identity. Even when stuff gets crazy in life, I’m still a son of God, and He’s still working for my good (as a timely Aaron Keyes song reminded me today) and ultimately, things will be better. I know that. I can tell you that. But I think that the Lord uses times like these to teach me what it’s like for life to be tough. What it’s like to be on a thinner-than-shoestring budget because car repair demands it. To have to work extra because you need extra money. And ultimately, I’m getting a lesson in trust!

So, since I have no conclusive, wrap-up thought, I just ask you to pray for me. I think after September 11th, life will slow down a little bit. And I know that I will be okay, but this will be a tough two weeks or so.

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