OK Lord, I need a plan.

I had lunch today with an amazing young couple, in the incubation stage of church planting. I had talked to them and mentioned that I’d like to come up with them from time to time and lead worship or something to be a part of their church plant. We talked about it further today and they asked if I’d be willing to really commit to the point of moving and being the worship pastor for a while. To this point, I had thought church planting was a bunch of casual, fun, whenever-you-can getting together to meet. Today, these two helped me realize: things we want in life take a plan.

Lately I’ve been asked so much about my major and my post-college plans. All I tell people is this: “I want to plant a church!” And that sounds great, but what about the time in between? I’m not going to pack up the day after I graduate and move away. There’s going to be time during which I’m going to need to save money, I’d like to get married sometime before I’m 30, I’m not going to stay at Starbucks hopefully for longer than 6 months after I graduate…long story short, I need a PLAN! I can’t just coast through life without direction. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not trying to say I don’t trust God, but the thing is, I DO trust God and I trust He has something for me to do while I prepare for the church plant I’d like to be a part of. pray with me!

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