I have hives and a bit of a cough today. I’ve always hated hives. They’re frustrating. I hate being sick, too. I’m so used to being healthy. It’s not been the best day, but it’s ok, and here’s what I was just writing.


You know how when you’re sick, all of your attention’s on yourself? “I want to sleep. I want to eat. I want to rest. I just want to go home. I this, I that.” I think that’s why being sick is so frustrating, and why I have such trouble praying when I’m sick. I feel so selfish.  Fortunately, God put in His word that when we’re sick we can call the elders of the church and have them lay hands on us, and we will be healed.
I find, as I reflect on my work day from a perspective of sickness, that it’s a lot to do with positioning. Do I think I have a ‘right’ to be healthy, and when I’m not, God has somehow neglected my ‘right?’ OR, will I take a posture that says, “whatever the circumstances, no matter how I feel, my chief goal in life is to glorify You, Lord. If I’m hacking up my lungs and itching at hives or if I’m feeling fantastic after a 3 mile run, I will bless You.” A lot can change with a little perspective…being sick is part of life sometimes. Maybe I’ll be more careful and not wear an brand new, unwashed shirt next time I buy one!

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