I have hives and a bit of a cough today. I’ve always hated hives. They’re frustrating. I hate being sick, too. I’m so used to being healthy. It’s not been the best day, but it’s ok, and here’s what I was just writing.


You know how when you’re sick, all of your attention’s on yourself? “I want to sleep. I want to eat. I want to rest. I just want to go home. I this, I that.” I think that’s why being sick is so frustrating, and why I have such trouble praying when I’m sick. I feel so selfish.  Fortunately, God put in His word that when we’re sick we can call the elders of the church and have them lay hands on us, and we will be healed.
I find, as I reflect on my work day from a perspective of sickness, that it’s a lot to do with positioning. Do I think I have a ‘right’ to be healthy, and when I’m not, God has somehow neglected my ‘right?’ OR, will I take a posture that says, “whatever the circumstances, no matter how I feel, my chief goal in life is to glorify You, Lord. If I’m hacking up my lungs and itching at hives or if I’m feeling fantastic after a 3 mile run, I will bless You.” A lot can change with a little perspective…being sick is part of life sometimes. Maybe I’ll be more careful and not wear an brand new, unwashed shirt next time I buy one!

an update.

Well, I realized the other day that I haven’t blogged in a long time. I’ve been so busy between going to camp, getting back, working, meetings, more work, VBS, and everything else that’s been going on that I haven’t been able to write for a while. So I guess I’m going to start with no end in mind, and just write about what’s been going on.

In mid-June we had VBS at my church. I had volunteered to help with worship, with no idea the lessons I’d learn. The first night I did the songs “King of Majesty” and “Stronger,” because I’m used to the format of normal Sunday morning church when you try to slow the set down to a reflective pace. Well, such is not the pace kids are seeking, as I learned quickly! Several people came up to me after the first night, saying “you may want to do faster songs and keep up the pace.” And so I did. We did songs like The Happy Song, Blessed Be The Name of the Lord, and Undignified. I noticed the kids were engaging a lot more…mainly because they had something they could dance to. It was great, though. I learned in those several days (or at least I assume from that time!)

-kids don’t really care about an eloquent, logical flow of songs. they just want to dance and sing.

-kids don’t really care too much to be still and raise their hands. They just want to dance and sing.

-kids don’t really care if you give them a reason why you’re doing a song. They just want a song that’s fast enough to sing and dance to.

OK, so that wasn’t really all I thought about it, but I guess it was a big part of it. It was definitely a new experience to lead worship for kids. I’ve done it for adults and for youth, so kids was a whole new thing.

Then…let’s see. What else happened?


I went to Camp McPherson in Danville, OH with our youth as a chaperone. I could probably tell stories for hours about it! It was a fantastic experience. I had my criticisms, but all in all it was great, and I learned a lot about being a leader while I was there. A summary of the highlights:

I prayed with three different students (yes, only 3) but God was able to speak things into their lives through me, even though I didn’t know their situation. And let me be honest, it was scary (and I was even a little reluctant) for me to speak prophetically. (I used to think it was weird when people would just come up to someone else and say “I think the Lord’s saying this.” but it was cool to be able to do it, and opened me up to it a little better.)

I was called an old guy while playing pickup basketball, because I was a leader and my facial hair had gone unshaved for a few days which always adds a little age to my appearance.

I met a lot of great young leaders in Foursquare and made friends I’m going to want to see again very soon (yes–even leaders make friends at camp!)

Last Sunday at a meeting, I got to talking to my pastor (well, co-pastor, my pastor and his wife co-pastor the church and I was talking to his wife) about church planting. I had mentioned that I would be open to going to Columbus–actually, I’d be ECSTATIC if I could go to Columbus for a church plant, and she kept encouraging me to look in Kentucky. She mentioned Wilmore–a college town where Asbury University is located. There’s a young man who goes to Asbury whose parents are Foursquare church, and apparently there have been talks about him wanting to be a part of a Foursquare church, but Berea is too far away (I don’t blame him, it’s a good hour.) I didn’t think much of it at first, but then I started chewing on the idea a bit, and even researching it a little as far as a church planting location. I know that there would be plenty of young people who would possibly want to attend a young Foursquare church (being a college town) and I know that there’s a Starbucks 14 miles away in Nicholasville if I needed to move and keep my job! So I’m looking into that opportunity a little bit, and I think we may make a trip to Wilmore soon just to check out the city.

As my last post indicated, I’ve been learning lately that there’s a lot more to church planting and church functioning than regular meeting and bible studies. Church growth means people growth (what happens to the people in a church is more important than how many people show up.) Church positioning means city positioning (a church is deeply connected to the city it’s in and needs to always look and see how it can serve the city it is in.) Church vibrancy means church vision and purpose (Who a church appeals to should be related to its vision…for example, River of Life’s vision is to reach, raise, and release. we are a church concerned with the local college. symbiotic or conductive may be the right word to describe this relationship…we seek to reach, raise, and release people while they’re still young [in college] and likewise people who want to be reached, raised, and released come to this church.) Anyway, that’s a big part of why I want to check out Wilmore, to begin to get an idea of what the needs in that city are.

That said, I think this has been a sufficent update!