I feel like I’ve heard a lot of news over this past week.

-California preacher declares the end of the world (and it doesn’t happen)

-California preacher RE-declares the end of the world (we’ll find out in October. HINT: it’s not happening)

– Canadian couple refuses to reveal the gender of their 4-month old baby, so as to make him/her “free” to choose his/her own identity

-Flooding/tornadoes in Joplin, Missouri

-The Heat win against the Bulls to advance to the NBA finals

Oh wait, I guess that last one’s not so necessary.

News makes me laugh sometimes, because it divides people so much. Some people think it’s great that parents are rearing a child without sexual identity. Some people (like me) think that Mr. Camping needs to keep his mouth shut, so as to not make a fool of the America perception of Christians, while America has had a grand ol’ time picking on him and making their jokes about end-of-the-world parties.

Insert my two cents here about the end of the world (which is not where I’m going with this blog:) I personally think, because of what Jesus said about no man knowing the day or the hour, that any time there’s a big stink about a prediction of the end of the world, people should ignore it, not speculate and criticize, just ignore it. You can relax.

We can know that any time it’s PREDICTED, it’s wrong.

That’s my take on it.

Anyway, the point I’m trying to make is that most of the time, the controversial stories in the news aren’t controversial, or even a forethought 4, 6, 12 months down the road.

They fade.

We like to make a stink about things even though they won’t be ‘important’ in a year or so.

That doesn’t mean some things don’t stick with us–we can all remember where we were on September 11, 2001, when the planes crashed into the Pentagon and the World Trade Center.

I personally remember seeing Sadaam Hussein’s statue being pulled down.

We may remember the day of Osama Bin Laden’s death for years and years to come.

Still, history is history, and ultimately, history is His story.

You’ll recall my 8 blogs through the book “Men In Their Own Skin” by Dudley Hall. I’m pretty sure at one point in every chapter, he explained that the Bible is God’s perspective on history–His story–and that Jesus was/is the culmination of that story.

Well, that’s still true.

Do you ever wonder what it was like in the Old Testament times? Do you ever wonder what would have made headlines then?




We often read the old testament as just one big story–which is exactly what it is. But don’t you think that people were disturbed/excited/angered and that people argued about things back then, too?

My point is this–we often go through life thinking that today is all there is. Our lives and our own stories are all that matter.

That’s not the hope of the Gospel.

The hope of the Gospel is that we’re invited into God’s family business and we are given a part. A part in the ultimate story–the story of Jesus Christ.

It began with Adam and Eve sinning in the garden.

It continued with Jesus’ forerunner, David.

Then Jesus Himself came, lived a sinless life, died a sinner’s death, and ascended to the right hand of the Father.

He sent His Holy Spirit to empower the church, and today, the church tells His story until He returns again.

our lives are like a breath. They’re fading, and they’re over before we know it, but the hope of the Gospel is that we can use our lives to tell the story of Jesus Christ–the story of redemption and reconciliation to God the Father, and we can walk in a restored relationship with Him.

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