Men in Their Own Skin Chapter 6–Men and Their Wounds

So I just realized, maybe I’m working through this book too fast. I think this is the 3rd blog I’ve done on this book in the past week. But, I attribute it to being done with college for the semester, which is a reality as of today at 8:40 AM.

Last night I read chapter 6.

Chapter 6, like chapter 4, is short and sweet.

This chapter deals with men’s wounds and the injustices that have been done to them. We return to the story of Absalom, whose sister Tamar was raped by his half-brother, the firstborn of David, Amnon. Of course this grieved David, but he extended mercy to Amnon, which infuriated Absalom. He spent the rest of his life trying to get back at Amnon (who he did eventually kill, or have killed) and David. His life was defined by his pain.

Jesus, on the other hand, was about His Father’s business. He didn’t react to the injustice He received the way we do because He had a greater sense of purpose.

Life’s too short and the commission God has given us is too great to let our lives be defined by pain, by something someone else did to us. That’s really the point of this chapter.

Father, show me the places in which I let pain rule instead of You. Help me to give my pain up to you and live with a greater sense of purpose for Your kingdom. In Jesus’ name,


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