my story.

So, if you’ll recall a couple of posts back, I wrote about chapter 3 in Dudley Hall’s book, Men in Their Own Skin. One of the points that struck me the most was that men need to be grateful for their stories.

Last night at life group, we discussed baptism in the Holy Spirit, and how it basically means partnering with the Holy Spirit for His purposes. I thought about my journals and all of the times I’ve written something down that bothers me, and when I go back a few months or years later, I realize that it’s no longer an issue.

Combine those two, and you’ve got where I am right now.

I want to be grateful for my story.

I want to be grateful for my education that happens to be in Richmond, as well as my job that is in Richmond, even though it means I can’t always be with my friends in Berea.

I want to savor the opportunities I get, such as hanging out with the awesome kids from our church, and being with the people I can’t be with every day, and not be jealous for more.

I want to stop wishing I acted like someone else, thought like someone else, had habits like someone else, and basically being someone else.

I’m Jeff, and God loves me just like I am.

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