Men in Their Own Skin–Chapter 4: Men and their Bibles

Well, I’ve got to be honest. This is going to be a short, sweet blog, because it’s a short, sweet chapter. This chapter was not so much one that you can interpret how you like it (none of this book is really that way, anyway) but it’s basically an overview of what the Bible is and what it is not.

Men, if we ever want to walk as men of God, that is–need the Bible. We absolutely cannot operate in full authority without God’s perspective on history–the Bible. The authority of the scriptures–the reason they have endured through the ages and even though the Bible has come under full attack–is because Jesus is the authority, the ultimate backup of the Bible. He’s the purpose of the entire book. Every story in the old testament reveals Him in some way and everything in the new testament is meant to be read through the lens of Christ’s coming, death, resurrection and eventual second coming.

The point of the Bible can be easily misconstrued, also. There are some common misconceptions…

-The Bible is a good luck charm.

We hear these heartwarming stories about soldiers in war being shot but the Bible in their front pocket protected them from dying. Or that having it around will keep bad things away.

-The Bible is a book of moral stories and lessons.

I’ve been hearing this for a long time and every time it makes more and more sense–we can’t read an old testament story and say, “we should be like so and so.” For example, if we read the story of David and say, “We should be like David. He was a man after God’s own heart, he worshiped God, he was undignified before the Lord–let’s be like David!” The problem is that we’re overlooking David’s imperfections. If we really want to be like David, we’d have to send someone’s husband off to war and sleep with his wife. Reading the Bible looking for someone to be like (other than Jesus) is the wrong reason to read.

There is a list of other misconceptions of the Bible, but I encourage you to read it for yourself (the book…and the Bible, ha!)

Ultimately, the call of this chapter is for men to take a stand and take back their Bibles. To drop the misconceptions and to see the ultimate authority of the Bible: Jesus. To understand the Bible as our way of having Jesus revealed to us. His story is how we grow, change, and walk in authority as men of God. Jesus’ authority is the authority that we are invited to stand upon, and Jesus’ authority is revealed in the scriptures.

Father, help me to be a man who stands on Your word. Help me not to look to the Bible for anything but a full revelation of the Son, and help me to never walk away from the Bible seeing the same way I did before, but through the lens of Jesus Christ. Help me to stand on Your authority and nothing else. In Jesus name.

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