Repentance, Sanctification, Justification, etc…

I read something profound today.

And while it is profound, it still hasn’t hit me, because in this case, my heart is still in religion mode.

“The gospel, however, tells us that as Christians sin can’t ultimately bring us into condemnation (Romans 8:1) Its heinousness is therefore what it does to God: it displeases and dishonors Him. Thus in religion, repentance is self-centered, but the Gospel makes it God-centered. in religion we are mainly sorry for the consequences of sin, but in the gospel we are sorry for the sin itself.”

That’s just something I never heard, nor did I ever think about it before now. Repentance is about GOD. It’s about restoring HIS honor, not “bringing us back to Him” or “avoiding condemnation.” I must admit I am looking forward to the day when I really see the big picture that my sin affects God more than anyone. No, it doesn’t make Him unholy, and no, it doesn’t make Him stop loving me, but it’s like a kid dissing their parent. It’s like a kid doing something completely uncharacteristic of the way they were raised.

I’m starting to realize that everything in the gospel is about God. None of it is about us. He didn’t save us because we were great. He saved us because He is so merciful, and because He loves the people that He made in His image. Did we die on a cross? Did we do anything worthy of deserving His love?

We were discussing this portion of the book in life group last night and a question came up, something to the effect of: why can’t our works pay the price? Why is Jesus’ sacrifice the only acceptable one?

Lucky me, I got called on to answer. I felt like I was in Sunday school, but the answer is what it is, and it’s true:

Our works can’t pay the price and Jesus’ sacrifice is the only acceptable sacrifice because the cost is so outstanding that we couldn’t even begin to pay it back.

I began this yesterday and I can’t remember what all I was trying to say. 🙂